benefits of scrub dispensing system

Benefits of Scrub Dispensing Systems 

Any facility using scrub suits could use a scrub dispensing system. This high-tech, convenient system is a true game-changer for uniform management. Let’s break down all the benefits of scrub dispensing systems.

The Benefits of Scrub Dispensing Systems for Healthcare Practices

A scrub dispensing system can:

Give Employees Constant Acess to Clean, Fresh Scrubs for Every Shift

One of the biggest benefits of a scrub dispensing system is the assurance of clean, fresh scrubs. Employees can change into fresh scrubs, without having to leave their shifts. They don’t even need to keep an extra set of fresh scrubs at work for emergency situations.

Provide an Easier Way to Organize Scrub Supplies

Managing scrub supplies is also easier with a scrub dispensing system. The automatic badge reader keeps a digital record of each used scrub and whoever used it. This protects scrub inventory from the hassle and cost that can result from medical uniform losses.

Maintain Scrub Safety and Cleanliness

High-tech scrub dispensing systems also function as a more effective, more sanitary way to store scrubs. These systems ensure that the scrubs are packed securely, thus effectively preventing cross-contamination while in storage. The sufficient storage space also ensures that the scrubs’ storage doesn’t need to encroach on other areas in the facility.

Simplify Cost Control Efforts

Scrub dispensing systems also provide an easier way to track the facility’s scrub usage and costs. Scrubs in these dispensing systems can only be accessed with the use of a digital badge. Each scrub, equipped with a digital chip, also needs to be scanned during release. This creates a digital paper trail not only of scrub usage but also of usage costs. This prevents any surprises when it’s time for billing.

Medico: The Best Source of High-Quality Scrub Dispensing Systems

Take the big leap today and invest in the tested and proven dependability of Medico’s Scrub Dispensing Systems! We not only provide all the benefits of scrub dispensing systems. It also comes with all the benefits of working with Medico, including:

  • High-Tech Inventory Management Systems. Our scrub dispensing system comes with the protection of our high-tech garment tracking technology, TrueTrak. This RFID-powered technology ensures that all the right garments come back in good condition. It takes the guesswork out of scrub inventory – for our clients’ convenience and peace of mind.
  • Superior Healthcare Uniform Maintenance. Medico’s automatic scrub dispensing systems also come with superior uniform laundering and handling. We specialize in the care of all kinds of healthcare facilities. We have a massive healthcare laundry facility that uses some of the most advanced technology to ensure scrub safety. Our laundry service meets all the safety requirements of the most trusted organizations in the industry and has earned their accreditations.
  • Complete Customer Support with Your Scrub Management. Medico’s scrub dispensing system also offers access to our superior customer support service. With Medico, help is always just one call away.

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