How Clean Are Your Scrub Suits?

To you they may look clean, but to many people scrubs are easily associated with hospital work and exposure to infectious diseases. It is not uncommon to find people who think you are a walking host to harmful, disease-causing bacteria that they have to avoid.

They may actually have a reason to be wary of your scrub suits! A study recently conducted on hospital scrubs used in 12-hour shifts were found to have been contaminated with different kinds of bacteria, including the infamous disease carrier, Staphylococcus aureus. This type of bacteria can cause anything from pimples to boils to life-threatening heart or brain infections.

The worst part is, you won’t know whether you’re carrying them around in your work scrubs just by looking at them.

Ease your worries – and theirs – and leave the cleaning of your scrub suits to our experts who specialize in cleaning medical scrubs.

With more than 80 years of experience in the healthcare laundry industry we have a facility and team that specializes in contamination control as well as handling of garments that have been used in hospitals, clinics, hospices, and other similar facilities.

Here’s how it works: Your scrubs will go directly from your healthcare facility to our building in specialized, isolated transport vehicles. This means that there is hardly any risk of exposure or contact with non-medical garments. From the heat-treated cleaning facility, the clean scrubs are brought back to you, neatly folded and contained to avoid contact with anything else.

Utilizing our healthcare linen and uniform service means you’ll never have to ride the subway and be looked at for possible pneumonia that’s stuck to the sleeve of your scrub shirt, or run the risk of contaminating your home washing machine and the rest of your family’s laundry with bacteria you took home from work.

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