Dental Practices Need Quality Healthcare Linen Services

Dental Practices Need Quality Healthcare Linen Services

Dental facilities face a variety of challenges. One that’s largely understated is the need for consistently clean, quality linens for their patients. Now more than ever, safety is of the utmost importance. Healthcare linen services will help keep complications in your dental practice to a minimum. However, you need to make sure you’re working with the right provider.

Problems with Poor-Quality Healthcare Linen Providers 

When a dental practice isn’t partnered with the best provider, any number of unfortunate things can happen. Not only does a poor-quality provider endanger the health of patients, but it also potentially harms the facility’s day-to-day operations. Here’s what to expect from a bad provider:

Questionable Cleaning Practices

A facility not built with the intention of cleaning and transporting dental linens with the highest degree of cleanliness possible will not provide what dental facilities need. The standard of cleanliness required of medical linens in general is far greater than that of other industries. This, however, doesn’t prohibit laundry facilities built for those other industries from advertising and providing healthcare linen services. 

For those providers, the same machines that process the tablecloths from your local steakhouse handle your dental linens. There are a few problems with this arrangement: 

  • Lower requirements for achieving cleanliness
  • Lower washing temperatures 
  • Weaker detergents and cleaning processes 
  • Non-hygienically clean work environments
  • Non-hygienically clean transportation methods

Irregular, Incomplete, or Incorrect Orders

The lower standards of these facilities don’t stop at the processes; there are also the logistic shortcomings of these operations. Because the demands of their other served industries aren’t as powerful, it’s possible that their methods of service aren’t either. 

These shortcomings manifest in many ways including: 

  • Incorrect orders
  • Late deliveries 
  • Lower quality products than expected
  • Damaged or stained products

How to Tell a Good Healthcare Linen Service from a Bad One

While there’s a lot to look out for, there are also some things to look for in your dental linen provider. 

Medical Industry Concentration 

The right dental linen provider for your business will be a medical linen provider. If medical linen is all your provider does, their standards will likely be where you need them to be. Not only that, but the quality of their product will likely be higher than it would be otherwise. 


A medical linen provider that’s truly up for the task will have accreditations to show it. Because of the demands of medical linen, there are several organizations that provide badges of accreditation. These accreditations demonstrate adherence to industry standard materials, cleaning, training, facility maintenance, and transportation. 

HLAC and TRSA Accreditation

Medico is a proud member of the HLAC Accredited community. HLAC Accreditation is achieved by passing a thorough inspection of a facility’s processes, systems, and procedures. It takes several factors into consideration: facility design, equipment, practices, training, protocols, and adherence to regulatory body requirements. Medico also holds an accreditation with the TRSA.

Length of Business

The amount of time a facility has been in business can also be a good indicator of reliability. With over 65 years of experience, Medico has a strong record of quality service to the medical community. 

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