The Many Ways Medico Supports Healthcare Facilities 

If you’re in the market for a trustworthy California medical linen and uniform service provider, look no further than Medico! Medico supports healthcare facilities in a variety of ways and has been in the business for over 80 years. There’s no better time than now to jump aboard the Medico train.

Here is How Medico Supports Healthcare Facilities

Since 1932, we’ve been helping all kinds of healthcare facilities in Southern California meet their goals. Here are some of the many ways how:

Strengthening Infection Control Practices

Medico understands the important role that laundry plays in your infection control procedures. And we are your partner in advancing your quest to keep your patients and your employees safe. Our laundry and handling processes are among the safest you’ll find in the country. Each of our procedures complies with the highest safety standards for healthcare laundry. Moreover, we have taken extra steps towards making our process safe and hygienic. Our processes are also backed by HLAC- and Hygienically Clean healthcare laundry accreditations, further proving our reliability.

Keeping Costs Downs

Hospitals spend about 2-3% of their budget on their linen and laundry management needs. This is not a negligible amount, no matter the size of your facility. Medico’s efficient linen rental service help assuage the cost of your linen care and management. Our rental service not only lets you avoid the cost of upfront purchases. It also lessens the maintenance cost of your items, since you won’t have to run an on-premise laundry facility.

Enhancing Patient Comfort

Medico understands the crucial role that linens and garments play in the comfort of your patients. That is why we make sure that each item in your inventory is high-quality and promotes full user comfort. We have designed our thorough quality control program for exactly that. You can expect all your deliveries to be correct, with no stray bad or damaged linen in the mix.

Reducing Linen and Uniform Supply Issues

Medico also understands how disruptive backups and linen mix-ups can be for your operations. That is why we’ve taken extra care to make sure that does not happen. Our service is backed by an efficient, exhaustive seven-step medical linen process. This ensures accuracy, efficiency, and complete protection against any supply issues down the line. Best of all, it helps ensure the correctness of your billing so that you receive the right items, on-time, and for the correct price.

Medico: Providing World-Class California Medical Linen and Uniform Services

Medico has all your bases covered! Our world-class service is everything you need to solve all your medical facility’s linen and uniform needs:

  • A Wide Range of Solutions Designed for Healthcare Facilities of All Shapes and Sizes. Whether you’re running a small practice or a multi-tier hospital, we’ve got your back. Our inventory has everything you need from an assortment of patient gowns to all your bed and bath linen essentials.
  • Higher-Quality Linen and Uniform Selections. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in healthcare linens and uniforms is your best quality guarantee. We crafted a thorough quality control process that weeds out the bad, low-quality linens. Our inspectors keep an eye on each linen to make sure only the good ones end up in your deliveries.  
  • Expertise Built on Quality and Experience. We have been in the industry for more than 80 years. And all this experience is evident in the results of our service. Nothing is done casually and without intention. Every part of our process leads towards one thing and one thing only: the most satisfying results for your service.

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