Problems and Solutions Around Medical Waste

No matter how big or small a healthcare facility is, there is one thing that remains a constant challenge: medical waste. It’s a problem whose effects go beyond your facility and your patients. That’s why it is important to fully understand the problems and solutions around medical waste.

The Biggest Problems Around Medical Waste

Medical waste covers a multitude of issues and aspects that will challenge even the most solid of all operations. What exactly are these challenges? Here are some of the most common ones:


The volume of medical waste is one of the biggest problems that hospitals face. According to WHO, high-income countries like the US generate an average of 500g of hazardous waste per hospital bed daily. This volume is even higher for intensive care beds.  


With the huge volume of medical waste and the kind of management required, the cost of medical waste disposal is high. This study shows that the cost of medical waste disposal in the US is over $5 million annually. Without expert intervention, these numbers can go higher and wreak havoc on your hospital budget.

Management and Disposal

Considering the volume, the biggest problem with medical waste generally revolves around the how and the where. This includes both the disposal of regular and hazardous wastes. And it’s definitely more than just a pile of trash. It’s a cross-contamination risk and a public health hazard. Not to mention, poor healthcare management is an enormous environmental issue as well.

Medico: Proactive Solutions for Your Medical Waste Needs

The good news is: you don’t have to worry about the problems and solutions around medical waste disposal. Medico has you covered!

  • Compliance. Medico’s medical waste services make sure that your facility’s waste meets all the local and federal requirements. And all that, without requiring any added effort on your end. More importantly, we also offer a comprehensive OSHA training program to make sure that your employees meet compliance standards.
  • Needs-Based Solutions. Our service comes with waste audits and waste streams analysis for a full, comprehensive assessment of your facility. We also work closely with your management to design the service frequencies based on your facility’s needs.
  • No Hidden Charges or Complicated Contracts. To help you keep your costs down, our pricing is simple and devoid of hidden charges. We also keep our contracts easy, straightforward, and completely transparent.  
  • Cost-Efficiency. Medico’s waste management rids you of the bigger costs of managing your facility’s waste. Among them is the large-scale cost of added employment and logistics. This gives way to savings without jeopardizing proper waste management.
  • Suitable for All Kinds of Healthcare Facilities. Our medical waste services cover the needs of all kinds of healthcare facilities from hospitals and doctor’s offices to rehab facilities and treatment centers like dialysis centers.

Our services cover the following:

  • Red bags and sharps
  • Chemotherapy
  • Pathological waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • RCRA pharmaceuticals

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