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The 10 Advantages of Our Medical Waste Program

Are you working with the right medical waste program?

Medical waste management is one of the most critical and difficult aspects of running a medical facility. The right medical waste disposal vendor is the key to successfully disposing of biohazards and hazardous materials and fully complying with the safety standards set forth by the government for medical facilities like yours.

But medical waste management is more than just picking up and disposing of biohazards and hazardous waste. As many medical facility managers have proven, getting rid of this waste involves additional costs, paperwork, specialized training in the handling of these biohazards and hazardous materials, and reports that need to be written and analyzed. Your choice of service provider will be the deciding factor that separates success and failure in your medical waste disposal.

What exactly should your medical waste disposal service provider be able to bring to the table, you may ask? Let our Medico Medical Waste Disposal Services show you how.

The 10 Advantages of Medico Medical Waste Disposal Services

Our medical waste program is designed as a well-rounded solution for your medical waste service needs – getting rid of all the biohazards and hazardous materials from your facility in a simple, efficient process:

1. Effective and OSHA-compliant waste disposal.

The Medico Medical Waste Disposal Program gets rid of various types of waste including sharps and biohazards, chemotherapy waste, pathological waste, pharmaceutical-RCRA wastes, and universal wastes using comprehensive and effective procedures that comply with the standards set by the OSHA.

2. Time-efficient processes.

Part of our commitment to quality is our commitment to efficiency, which is why we have designed for our procedure to save you as much time as possible. We have gotten rid of the unnecessary steps that most of our competitors still stick with, focusing on the parts of the procedure that matter without jeopardizing the quality of the services we deliver.

3. Cost reduction.

Our service is designed to keep your medical waste disposal costs low. Thanks to our more competitive pricing and more efficient procedures, our medical waste management program will significantly reduce your costs.

4. Custom-tailored solutions.

Medico fully understands that different facilities have different needs, which is why we have made sure our waste disposal services are flexible enough to adapt and adjust according to your specific requirements. This includes making sure that the frequency of our service delivery is tailored to meet your business’ specifications.

5. Straightforward contracts and pricing.

Medico stands by our commitment to integrity and transparency, which is why our contracts are simple, straightforward, and non-restrictive. You can also rest assured that as we do with all our Medico services, our prices are transparent and devoid of any hidden or surprise charges.

6. Streamlined service.

Medico is all about convenience and efficiency, which is why our medical waste disposal program can be streamlined with our linen and uniform services, meaning that you will have a single dedicated service manager from Medico who will take care of everything for you, making sure all the boxes are ticked, solutions created, and results met.

7. Easy paperwork.

With our streamlined services, you can expect easy, organized, and uncomplicated paperwork from Medico – from usage reports to invoices.

8. On-time delivery.

One of the pillars of the Medico commitment to convenience and excellence in service is delivering our services promptly. Our medical waste disposal service is guaranteed to be executed on-time, every time, based on the predetermined frequency and schedule that best suits your facility.

9. Comprehensive analyses and reports.

Medico’s medical waste disposal service offers comprehensive solutions for your medical waste needs. This includes providing accurate and up-to-date reports on the volume of your waste through audits and waste stream reports.

10. Locally-owned and -operated business partner.

Medico is a locally-owned and -operated independent service provider. Compared to large, national conglomerates, our services and management are more comprehensible and more accessible for you. We are not working on a set menu as these large companies do; we are a results-oriented solutions provider that adapts to ensure your needs are met and your standards and expectations are exceeded. Medico is not just your third-party vendor; we strive to be a complete partner in your facility’s growth through our accurate, excellent, and personalized solutions.

Services for All Medical Facilities

Our medical waste program is ideal for different types of facilities that deal with biohazards and other similar wastes, like:

– Hospitals

– Doctor’s Offices

– Labs and Clinics

– Surgery Centers

– Veterinarians

– Funeral Homes

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