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Why Do Medical Facilities Use White Linens?

Have you noticed how prominent white linens are in the medical industry? From doctor’s offices to dentists, hospitals, and more, white linens are commonplace. But why? Wouldn’t using white sheets in an industry where spills and stains are common be ineffective?

The answer is, surprisingly, no.

Here at Medico Professional Linen Service, we’ve seen the white linen trend grow more and more since our founding in 1932. And we’ve delivered, supplying a variety of white healthcare linens to wide range of medical facilities. So, why are these white linens so popular?

White linens are the clear and perfect choice for medical facilities for a variety of reasons. Here is why medical facilities use white linens:

1. They Appear Professional

Fresh and crisp white linens look appealing and stylish to the eye. They can give a sense of cleanliness and sterility. Not only that, but studies have shown that patients are more likely to trust doctors who wear white lab coats over formal clothing.

Since patients associate white-hued fabrics with trustworthiness, it makes sense for their linens to be white as well. Plus, many other industries use white linens too such as hotels and spas. Therefore, patients will associate white linens with comfort.

2. They Are Easier to Clean

You might be surprised to learn that white linens are actually easier to clean than linens of any other color. Colorful linens are more challenging as you have to sort them to determine which fabrics could bleed. Additionally, they may start to fade after multiple washes.

White linens don’t need to be sorted, and laundry providers don’t have to worry about any color bleeding or fading. Instead they can focus solely on what matters most – getting your linens as hygienically clean as possible.

3. They Make It Easier to Identify Injury

White hospital linens make it easier for nurses and other medical staff to swiftly identify issues with their patients. White healthcare linens are the quickest to visually reveal bleeding or other bodily fluids and injury coming from a patient.

Not only that but, because it’s so easy to identify injuries, dirt, and other stains on white sheets, medical personnel will better know when it’s time to change the sheets. Patients will feel more comfortable knowing they are laying on clean sheets because they can see them for themselves.

Trust Medico Professional Linen Service with Your Linens Today!

Many medical facilities utilize white linens for their professional look and as a way to quickly identify injuries. White linens look clean and comfortable in the eyes of patients, and they make your laundry provider’s job much easier. If your facility is using white linens, you want to be sure that they are high-quality and comfortable, yet durable enough to handle messes that come their way.

That’s why you should trust the professionals at Medico Professional Linen Service for all of your medical linens today. We’ve been proudly serving healthcare and medical linen services and uniform needs in the Los Angeles greater area for over 80 years!

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