Why Medical Professionals Should Never Bring Scrubs Home

Antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), pneumonia and other pathogens associated with hospital-acquired infections are just some of the things that have been found to linger after brief contact with textiles and clothing – including uniforms and scrubs. These pathogens are picked up by wearers both during exposure to patients and contact with various contaminated surfaces.

And yet, knowing what we know now about pathogens and scrubs, how are we still allowing medical professionals to take their scrubs home, let alone step foot outside of a medical facility wearing their scrubs?

There is a long and ongoing debate, especially amongst medical professionals, about whether or not they should be allowed to take their scrubs home to wash. But here’s why that practice should come to an end:

The unreliability of at-home laundry procedures.

Washing machines designed for at-home use simply do not have the washing and heating capacities of an industrial washer. Additionally, medical professionals do not have the necessary training in laundry procedures designed to get rid of bacteria. With home washing, there are no standard washing protocols to speak of, no inspection and post-laundry handling procedures that will ensure the integrity and safety of the scrubs at any point in the process.  

Exposure to the public.

Getting to take scrubs home means that scrubs, at some point before and/or after use, are worn in public areas. If not in public, whoever lives with the medical professional gets some level of exposure to dirty scrubs. Worn scrubs, laden with whatever pathogens they picked up at the medical facility, are a public health risk. In the same manner, clean scrubs worn to work get exposed in transportation and could pick up pathogens from people and surroundings which, in turn, could put at-risk patients in medical facilities in danger.   

The possibility of cross-contamination.

Without any safety protocols to guarantee proper handling, the scrubs could contaminate the washing machine itself, upping the risk for cross-contaminating every other item in the washing machine.

It is inconvenient.

It is no secret that medical professionals are some of the hardest-working, overworked even, professionals anywhere. Giving them the job of washing and disinfecting their own scrubs after long and grueling shifts sounds like an added burden that they would be better off without. 

The Solution: Professional Medical Linen Services

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