3 Reasons to Work with Medico

Here’s the thing: the benefits of a professional medical linen service are clear. You get the linens and uniforms that you need, cleaned to hygienic standards, and delivered and picked up from your facility on a timely basis. 

The thing is, all of that only works if you’re working with a medical linen service company that fulfills their promises. Plenty of medical linen providers make claims that they can’t follow through on just to sign a new client, then leave them to suffer from poor customer service, missed or incorrect deliveries, and low-quality products.

At Medico, we place a high value on providing excellent services. We wouldn’t have succeeded in this business for more than 80 years if we weren’t meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. We call it the Medico Difference. Here’s what that means:

1. Textile Excellence

Medical linens and uniforms need to be tough and durable – able to withstand the intense washing and disinfecting process that is needed to fully remove all blood, bodily fluids and bacteria. That’s why we only provide high-quality products for rental. We use high-performance fabrics and sturdy construction to ensure that you get the most out of each lab coat, sheet, and towel. Your uniforms and linens will last longer and hold up better throughout the day when you rent from Medico Professional Linen Service. 

2. Efficient Services

Your medical facility runs on a tight schedule, so your linens should also. Without a linen service company that delivers and picks up your linens and uniforms when they say they will, you could be left without crucial items on any given day. In the medical industry, that’s simply unacceptable. 

At Medico, we work hard to provide your facility with all of the items you need in a timely manner. After all, the point of a medical linen service is to remove stress and responsibility, not add to it.

3. Responsiveness

Finally, responsive customer service is integral to the Medico Difference. It might sound overly simple and even old fashioned, but we value a tradition of honest and sincere customer service. Our customers return to experience the customer care that we provide. Honest communication is the foundation of any good partnership. Whenever you have an issue with our customer service or even just a question about the way we do things, just pick up the phone and call us! We will always do our best to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible. 

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