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What Our Clean Green Certification Means for Your Business

At Medico, we are proud of many things. From our growing network of happy and satisfied clients to our accolades and our reputation built over years of hard work, we are honored to serve Southern California. Among our proudest achievements is our Clean Green Certification from the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA).

What is the Green Certification?

The Clean Green Certification, granted by the TRSA, is a recognition for linen and laundry service companies who adopt and execute measures towards making their operations more sustainable.

Through a long, careful inspection and verification process, Medico has proven to experts in the field of sustainable laundry service that our entire operations are making great strides in making our operations more eco-friendly. This includes using less water for our operations, making sure the wastewater that leaves our facilities has been treated responsibly and thoroughly so it does not pollute our waterways, and keeping a delivery route that maximizes results with minimal gas use, among other things.

What Does Our Clean Green Certification Mean for Your Business?

Laundry and linen maintenance operations have long been vilified as being one of the worst industries when it comes to sustainability. But with a Clean Green certified linen service provider like Medico, your business gains: (a) an opportunity to contribute to a greener and more sustainable planet; and (b) a reputation of being a green business yourself.

There are many roads to sustainability and transforming your business’s operations towards becoming eco-friendlier is often a difficult one. We know – we’ve been there. But by partnering with Medico, you are already going green. 

And all this good for the planet is also good for your branding needs. Clients are now more conscious about the environmental impact of the businesses that they patronize. Announcing a partnership with a clean green linen service and providing details about how your linens are processed with less water and less energy will be much appreciated.

A More Sustainable Way of Getting Results

There exists some misinformation pertaining to eco-friendly laundry operations, in particular about the dangers of it being incapable of delivering the same level of cleanliness and hygiene for your items. And we get how this can discourage many facilities to make the switch.

We’re here to tell you that that is entirely untrue. Our expertise in the care of medical linens guides our eco-friendly measures. You can trust that the environmental impacts of our laundry operations are still compliant with our standards for safety and hygiene.

Our redesigned operations have, in fact, only made our results better: more efficient because of our reduced gas consumption per delivery, faster with our reduced electricity usage, and cleaner – for your patients and for the planet!

Go Green with Medico Today!

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