How To Care for Healthcare Workers

How to Care for Patients and Healthcare Workers

How do you care for the most important people in your healthcare facilities: your patients and your healthcare workers?

Life as a patient and as a caregiver share the same struggles with mental and emotional stress on top of the already taxing physical demands of these situations. Though in varying ways, it’s safe to say that having to spend a huge deal of time inside a medical facility can be full of uncertainties.

Here’s how you can create a better facility for your patients and healthcare workers:

Increase comfort for patients and healthcare workers where possible.

In the hustle and bustle of the day to day, it’s challenging to focus on anything other than providing the best healthcare services possible. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – it is just lacking. And this is true for both patients and caregivers.

There are easy ways to increase comfort for both your patients and staff. For your patients, investing in the right bed and bath linens is crucial and necessary. You’ll need linens that are soft and smooth to the touch, not scratchy and low quality. The same goes for your patient mattresses.

For caregivers, you can invest in boosting the ergonomics of their work stations. From investing in anti-fatigue mats and improving the condition of the staff restrooms to creating break rooms where they can get some much-needed rest, there are many ways you can create little sanctuaries for your caregivers.

Create opportunities to relax.

One of the hardest things to achieve when surrounded with diseases and life-threatening issues, either as a caregiver or as a patient, is to relax. There is so much stress and worry that there is just no room or reason for relaxing.

Healing and effective caregiving, however, both share the need for emotional and mental wellness and your facility can play a role in this! You can promote activities or create special corners for patients as well as caregivers to find some pockets of solace.

Children’s hospitals are particularly good at getting entertainment for their patients, as well as care and residential facilities whose go-to are entertainment and activities that remind their older patients of their younger years.

For employees, there are always group activities like group yoga or dance classes that they can try for free, a little quiet corner where they can get their bearings together, or free counseling offers that they can take advantage of anytime.

Keep them protected.

With so much going on, patients and caregivers alike need the reassurance of protection against cross-contamination. Aside from creating high-standards and strict policies around cleaning up your facility, it is also important to keep strict measures around linens and garments. Working with a certified Hygienically Clean healthcare laundry facility for the laundry and supply of your patient and personnel use garments and linens – on top of keeping up with OSHA guidelines on healthcare linens – allows you the best protection for everyone.

Contamination and infection through linens are a real threat to the medical community, and working with a reliable expert in medical linen care is the best, not to mention most convenient, way to expel these threats. That’s one less worry for your patients and one less burden for your caregivers who can enjoy their time off of work instead of laboring over disinfecting their scrubs and coats.

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