Don’t Take Germs Home With You

Uniform services are necessary for employees in many industries, although they are especially important in the medical field. Medical uniforms can easily become contaminated with various bacteria and viruses that exist in the workplace. Medical uniforms consist of items such as scrubs, lab coats, operating room apparel and patient gowns. Wearing these uniforms outside the workplace can be hazardous to those around you, especially close family and friends. Uniforms can harbor dangerous germs and bacteria that are able to live on the uniforms for days. Take less of your work home with you by utilizing a reliable medical uniform service for your business.

How Medico Can Help

At Medico Professional Linen Service, we specialize in medical uniform services for a variety of healthcare facilities.  We are Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certified, meaning that we make sure all linens and uniforms that get laundered through our facility meet the strictest standards set in place. Your employees won’t have to worry about whether or not their uniforms are being thoroughly cleaned and sterilized when you use Medico for your medical uniform services. Contact Medico Professional Linen Service today to learn more about our medical uniform services by calling 213-749-4433.


keep germs away with medico linen