Stop Hospital Hitch Hikers

Many medical facilities and practices do not know that it is unclean to allow their nurses, doctors, and staff to wear their scrubs outside of work. Bacteria can live on medical attire for days after leaving a health care facility. This is unsanitary for the employee, patients in the hospital, as well as nearby strangers. Imagine your nurses aiding a sick patient, then being around other individuals during their commute home, stop at restaurants or cafes, or going grocery shopping. Your employees may spread bacteria to the outside world without even knowing it.

hospital bacteria prevention


Apart from bringing your dirty laundry home with you, wearing scrubs outside of the hospital brings bacteria INTO the hospital. Arriving in your medical facility with previously worn (and not freshly laundered) scrubs is dangerous for patients. You can bring in germs and bacteria from the outside world into a clean environment. Prevent the spread of germs, hire a high-quality linen provider to launder your scrubs for you & deliver fresh uniforms regularly. Contact us at Medico Linen Service, we provide excellent service for your business.