green laundry

Our Clean Green System: How We Practice Green Laundry

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

In honor of Earth Day, we at Medico would like to express our support for the global movement to save the earth and promote more sustainable alternatives in the hopes of preserving the home we all share.

Earth is our only home and we firmly believe that it is our shared responsibility to commit to its preservation not only for our generation’s sake but for the sake of those will would come after us. We also believe that there is no effort too small or too insignificant and that if we all dedicate a portion of our time and energy to discover and commit to alternative practices for the promotion of long-term and sustainable benefits, the impact will be large enough to give our planet a fighting chance.

Medico is certified in both TRSA’s Clean Green and  Hygienically Clean Programs. We are also a member of the Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program.We’ve made important steps in transforming our operations to be more eco-conscious. This comes not just from a place of understanding that we are part of an industry that uses up a lot of energy and water and leaves large carbon footprints, but from our collective and individual love for the planet, knowing that we are nothing without it.

From our pickup and delivery to our washing processes, we have made adjustments to ensure that our business is greener and more sustainable. Here are just a few of our efforts:

  •         We’ve reduced our pollutant discharge by 40%
  •         We’ve reduced our water usage by 60%
  •         We’ve reduced energy use by 30%
  •         35% the water we use is recycled water
  •         We use NPE environmentally-friendly chemicals and detergents that are anti-pollutant

Our commitment to the care of our planet does not end here. We are continuously searching for ways to improve our Clean and Green System and gain better results that will benefit not just our company and our clients but the planet we all call home.

Happy Earth Day from your friends at Medico!