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Does My Medical Facility Need a Certified Hygienically Clean Healthcare Laundry Service?

In the healthcare industry, hygiene is no joke. The cleanliness of your facility could very well make or break an individual’s life. That’s why, as a leader of your healthcare organization, you have to keep your facility in tip-top shape in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. After all, the health of your patients is at stake, along with the reputation of your facility. 

While some illnesses are caused by air-borne viruses, linens can harbor dangerous disease-causing agents. While it may seem obvious to have a comprehensive in-house laundry routine or to outsource to a laundry facility, you may still have dirty linens on your hands. Just because a linen appears clean doesn’t mean that it is. The naked eye can’t see these infectious bacteria. Because of this, it is easy to believe they are not there. 

This is why, when choosing a laundry facility, you need to make sure you are choosing one that:

  1. Specializes in healthcare
  2. Provides quality customer service
  3. Has a Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification

A company with the Hygienically Clean Certification doesn’t just claim that your linens are clean. You can trust that your linens actually are clean by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OSHA) standards.

For a company to receive this certification, their textile items are tested to ensure they do not pose any threat to medical staff and patients.

But how valid is this certification, exactly? Here are three reasons you can trust a Certified Hygienically Clean Healthcare laundry service:

1. Certification Given by the TRSA

The Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) is the administrator of this certification. They specialize in working with and representing laundry facilities throughout the world to provide high-quality, safe and cost-effective linens.

2. Effective Plant Operation

To receive this certification, the TRSA is not simply checking for a quality end product. They are looking to make sure the textile materials follow OSHA standards and that plant employees follow protocol throughout the entire process. Employees and managers must have proper training on safety and legalities to ensure the safety and efficiency of the laundry plant itself.

3. Frequent Testing

Once the certification is allotted, each plant must maintain and remain compliant with the certification. Four times each year, certified laundry facilities must submit three items to an approved lab for bacteriological testing.

A Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification isn’t just a title. It’s protection.

For more information on what it means to be hygienically clean and the importance of choosing a certified laundry facility, view this guide by the TRSA.

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