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How Hospital Laundry Service Works

Laundry services have been assisting businesses for as long as the washing machine has been around. Laundry services aid businesses in providing them with fresh linen, towel, and uniforms on a continuous basis, saving companies time and money on in-house laundering. Are you a new or existing business ready to take the plunge in hiring a quality laundry service to take over your linen, towel, and uniform laundering? We will gladly assist you in getting started. However, if you do not know how to get started or what the process entails, read on to find out exactly how the hospital laundry service works.

Step 1: Contact us for a free quote.

By getting in touch with a sales representative, we will be able to recommend a service plan which provides you with laundering of the items that you need as well as the times you would prefer the delivery.

Step 2: Pick up.

After starting a service with us, we will decide on a pick up time and day of the week. Our drivers will routinely visit your business and pick up items that are marked as unsterile through certain bins that we supply you with.

Step 3: We deliver your laundered items.

Again, you decide on the time and date when this will occur. Our qualified drivers will return to you with clean, laundered products in their best condition.

These 3 easy steps are basically how a hospital laundry service is done. Of course, there are additional minute tasks that we must take care of before delivering your clean products, such as washing, pressing, and folding. However, we take care of all of this for you. Medico Linen provides you with high quality service at an affordable cost. Contact us today and you will see why Medico is the way to go.