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Medical Linen Services from Medico

Are you a medical facility in the Southern California area? We understand that all medical facilities vary in their wants for linen services. Some facilities need sheets, while others focus more on scrubs and lab coats. Our medical linen service is not a one-size-fits-all deal. We service a variety of different healthcare facilities.

The Medical Linen Services that Medico Provides

Below are some of the most popular types of medical facilities that we service:

  1. Hospitals – Hospitals require patient gowns, sheets, towels, lab coats, scrubs, uniforms, and floor mats. These can be used for the in-patient rooms, surgical rooms, or even the lobbies of the hospitals. Keep your nurses and doctors safe with high-quality medical uniforms from Medico.
  2. Physical Therapy Offices – Physical therapy offices always need sheets, towels, and therapists’ uniforms. Medico provides these at an affordable cost.
  3. Dental Offices – Dentists and dental hygienists need to stay clean and professional by wearing high-grade medical scrubs and uniforms. Dental offices also require several types of products such as towels, bibs, and floor mats.
  4. Wellness Spas – Wellness spas demand quality hand and body towels as well as sheets for massage tables. Trust Medico to provide you with these products and more.
  5. Pediatric Facilities – A child’s safety should be top priority when visiting your medical facility. Therefore, Medico Professional Linen Service provides high-quality children’s gowns, towels, floor mats, and sheets for your pediatric facility. We also offer lab coats and scrubs for your professionals that are made to be affordable and comfortable.

Contact Medico Professional Linen Service today for a free quote on our high-quality service today! Give us a call at 800-464-6334 to speak to our qualified medical linen professionals. You will not be disappointed with our excellent service and customer appreciation.