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How to Make the Most of Medical Linens 

Statistics show that almost 90% of medical linens in US hospitals are not utilized to their full life cycle. This is clearly a waste of your resources but there’s no reason to worry! There are ways that we can help you make the most of medical linens.

The Best Ways to Make the Most of Medical Linens

Here are the best ways you can make the most of medical linens:

Pick High-Quality Products

You can’t make low-quality linens last long. There’s really only so much that maintenance can do if your products are not good to begin with. Medical laundering can be quite intensive and can take a toll on lesser linens. You’ll need to look closely at the material and construction integrity of your linen supplies.

Ensure Adequate Maintenance and Handling

Handling and laundering are the most crucial elements to help make the most of medical linens. They not only help ensure the cleanliness and safety of your essential items. They also ensure that your linens are free from permanent damage like rips and stains.

Store Linens Properly

Post-laundry care, like ironing, folding, and storage, matters just as much as anything else in the overall care of your medical linens. And we’re not just talking about their role in your infection control efforts. They are crucial in helping your linens improve resistance against wear and tear.

Secure Your Supplies

Linen loss is one of the biggest reasons why linens don’t see the end of their life cycle. And linen theft, both intentional and otherwise, is one of the biggest forms of linen loss. The problem is so prevalent that, in fact, it costs the healthcare industry $1 billion annually. The good news is there are many, technology-driven ways to reduce linen loss. RFID tracking, for example, harnesses the power of the microchip. It allows for the automatic and precise tracking of your linens at every stage of the handling process.  

The Better, More Convenient Way to Make the Most of Medical Linens

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