Which Medical Facilities Do We Provide Linen Service To?

Medico Professional Linen Service makes sure to provide high-quality service to our customers. The main question that we are asked is, “what products do [we] provide?” Here are the medical facilities we service and the linens that come with our service.

medical facilities linen service


We provide linen service for all hospitals in the area. Some of the items we provide are patient gowns, hospital scrubs, lab coats, hospital towels, wash clothes, hospital bed sheets, hospital pillowcases, medical shoe covers, and floor mats.

Surgical Facilities

We offer service to surgical facilities in a variety of fields. These include endoscopic, orthopedic, cosmetic, vascular, general, colon/rectal, and occupational surgery. The linens we provide for surgical facilities are bath blankets, sheets, draw sheets, pillow slips, surgical towels, I-surgicals, surgical gowns, personal protection equipment, scrubs, hand towels, patient gowns, face masks, shoe covers, latex/non-latex gloves, ICU gowns, and precaution gowns.

Dental Clinics

We assist the following dental clinics: general dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial, pathology/radiology, prosthodontics. We provide exceptional service, offering the following products at an affordable price: dental uniforms, precaution gowns, warm up jackets, dental scrubs, face masks, shoe covers, latex/non-latex gloves, and lab coats.

Physician’s Offices

We service cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, general, gastro, hematology, neurology, OB/GYN, oncology, hematology, orthopedics, and urology physician’s offices. A sample inventory offered for these businesses are lab coats, bath blankets, towels, sheets, pillow slips, thermal blankets, patient gowns, and latex/non-latex gloves.

Diagnostic Centers

We offer service for diagnostic centers. The items we provide are the following: diagnostic pants, diagnostic gowns, bath blankets, towels, lab coats, scrubs, sheets, pillow cases, patient gowns, and wash cloths.

Rehabilitation Facilities

We provide exceptionally clean service for rehabilitation facilities offering the towels, sheets, bath blankets, and pillow cases.


We offer HLAC certified service, providing towels, sheets, scrubs, lab coats, and latex/non-latex gloves at a high quality.


To assist in relaxation, we provide high-grade premium sheets, premium pillow cases, deluxe bath towels, deluxe massage towels, robes, and wraps.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at 213-749-4433 and we will provide your medical facility with high-quality service!