Open a SPa

Opening a Spa Business Tips

When opening a new business, it is exciting yet also nerve-wracking. There are many things to account for with a new spa. These may become stressful, therefore there are certain hacks we have created for you so that the process in adjusting with your new spa is as easy as possible.

  • Advertising- Make sure your advertisement budget is being spent on proper advertisement techniques. These should be monitored and for any advertisement that is not bringing in any clientele, this should be closed. Some tips for first time advertisement are coupons and specials to draw in new clients.
  • Location- A good spa location is important because this may bring in more or less clients. Make sure yours is in a place with less spa competitors and a higher population.
  • Licensed- Prevent legal problems like your business getting shut down too soon by making sure all your employees and business are licensed. You should apply for your business to become an LLC and apply for a liability insurance policy. Spa employees should have their own separate permits, such as nail and massage licenses.
  • Ambiance- Your spa should have proper lighting and music. It is recommended to play a light, soft relaxing soundtrack rather than a dead-silent spa or one with loud, obnoxious compositions. Make sure your lighting isn’t too dark or too bright so your customers will enjoy their vacation to the spa.
  • Clean Linen and Towels- Here is where Medico will help you. Be sure to rent a linen and towel service that provides sheets and towels for your spa that are always clean and they deliver in a timely manner. Dirty linen is a top reason customers do not return to a spa. It is also a health concern to provide clients with reused soiled linen from the previous customers.

We wish you the best of luck in your new spa business. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote from Medico for linen and towels do not hesitate in giving us a call at 800-464-6334.