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Why Patient Privacy Matters in Hospitals

Patient privacy during hospital stays is an important and often overlooked part of patient care. Imagine lying in an unfamiliar room surrounded by unfamiliar people for days or weeks at a time. You’re lonely, nervous, apprehensive, and everybody who walks by your room can see exactly what you’re doing.

That’s not the ideal healing environment.

Though there are staff and efficiency benefits to “open plans,” or easy patient visibility, they ignore the human element. Most people don’t like their vulnerabilities on display, and when you’re sick, you’re as vulnerable as it gets. Being a patient does not have to mean eyes constantly on you.

Humanizing Patient Privacy in Hospitals

It’s easy to forget how uncomfortable things can be for a patient. The routine aspect of the medical profession can leave healthcare workers a little more detached. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities have in-place systems that lack insight into patients’ perspectives and needs for privacy and protection. If you’re looking to make a systemic change, we’ve got some tips for you.

Here are some simple and effective changes you can add to your facility to help improve the privacy you give your patients:

1. Employee Discretion Training 

You might have to incorporate additional steps into your usual routine, but being as discreet as possible is essential in keeping your patients feeling comfortable under your care. This includes speaking in a lowered voice or adding some acoustic improvements to your rooms.

2. Professional, Patient-Minded Gowns

Most patient gowns are designed with medical professionals and procedures in mind, not the patient. While it makes for ease in examinations, its design does nothing for the patients’ comfort and privacy and can be problematic

Thankfully, there are patient gowns that feature better, fuller coverage. Many have convenient, flowy sleeves to maintain ease of access for caregivers. As an added bonus, they come in a variety of styles and patterns that can neutralize if not improve the sometimes somber hospital aesthetic.

3. High-Quality Cubicle Curtains

Standard privacy curtains have a bad reputation for providing genuine patient privacy and protection in hospitals for good reason. Multiple studies have demonstrated typical privacy curtains fall short of truly protecting patients.  For example, they can be vehicles for cross-contamination. 

As a result, how your cubicle curtains are cared for is just as important as the privacy they provide. Improve cubicle curtain quality and maintenance by investing in their care to ensure they don’t spread of harmful pathogens. A high-quality laundry service provider would make a great partner in ensuring the cleanliness of your medical linens.

Improve Patient Privacy With High-Quality Care Options from Medico

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