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Protect Medical Employees in Your Facility

It’s important to protect medical employees in your facility with every possible tool available. They are, after all, the most important asset in your facility and deserve the best protection available. Medico Healthcare Linen Service is your best option in getting that protection.

Medico goes beyond providing top-notch linen selections for medical facilities. Our system is built for efficiency and to achieve reliably safe results for medical employees.

Here’s how we do it:

Hygienically Clean Healthcare Laundry Service

For the reliable safety of our products, we spare no expense safeguarding our laundry process. Our Hygienically Clean Healthcare laundry badge is proof of that. But what does our Hygienically Clean badge mean to you? How does that translate to medical employee protection?

Hygienically Clean evaluation is conducted by an independent, certified third-party testing organization. Continuous testing is conducted throughout certification ownership, and a complete evaluation is done every three years. Frequent testing establishes hygienic standards are kept, and a deep analysis every three years establishes solid, long-term business practices.

Our Hygienically Clean badge not only ensures consistently safe and quality product, but comprehensive and thorough employee training. Additionally, it evidences a safe, sanitary work environment and an understanding of and compliance with OSHA requirements.

However, the most convincing proof that Hygienically Clean provides is the comprehensive lab analysis of our laundered textiles. Our Hygienically Clean badge means the linens that come out of our facilities are consistently clean–that there are no significant or dangerous traces of harmful bacteria on our washed items. Through different water conditions, wash chemistry, and fabric composition, the Hygienically Clean laundry facility of Medico consistently produces clean, safe textiles and garments for your facility.

Safer Linen and Garment Handling

The quality and safety of our healthcare laundry service is also preserved in our handling process. What many people don’t realize is that there are a multitude of things that happen after the laundry process. It is a crucial time to prevent cross-contamination on textiles and garments.

At Medico, your personnel’s safety is further protected with our stringent post-process handling. For one, we maintain minimal contact between our personnel and clean linens to minimize exposure. Two, we secure your items with proper packaging. The only time the items get exposed is when you’re ready to use them at your facility.

We also put a premium on the safety and cleanliness of our laundry carts and vans. They go through frequent and intense disinfections in between uses. We also do not use the same vans for picking up dirty linens and clean linens. With the expertise of our highly trained personnel, you can rest assured that your items aren’t compromised.

Protection Against Linen Shortage

Linen shortage is one of the biggest threats to your personnel’s safety and protection. Not only do shortages lead to inefficiency. They also leave employees vulnerable and exposed to dirty, overused linens. Medico has several safeguards in place to protect against that.

We protect your facility against linen and uniform shortages primarily through barcode technology. Everything is tagged and recorded to make sure they don’t get lost at any point of the process. Paired with our efficient working system and in the hands of our dedicated personnel, you can expect for your items to come on time and accurately. No delays or shortages to worry about.

Protect Medical Employees with Medico

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