Medico’s Service Accreditations and Certifications

When finding a medical linen and uniform service for your hospital, clinic, or medical facility, there’s no room for error. The well being of your patients is dependent upon the care they receive and materials that aid in that care. If the provider falls short in either linen cleanliness or in the safety of transport, the results could be tragic. 

With so much riding on the quality of the company in charge of your medical linens and uniforms, there’s no room for chance. But how can you know whether the company you’re looking at has what it takes? One way is to look at their industry-recognized accreditations or certifications. Here are some to look for, all of which have been earned by Medico. 

HLAC Accreditation

The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council was created in 2005 in response to the wants of textile professionals. With so many unscrupulous textile launderers coming into the field, there needed to be a way to separate them from the good. To fulfill this need, the HLAC Accreditation was created. It formed a strict set of adherences that any laundry facility wishing to earn its badge must abide by. 

A few examples of these requirements include:

  • Optimized facility design 
  • Established linen maintenance procedures
  • Abide by all state and local regulations
  • Ability to pass a peer-reviewed best practices/recommendations for infection prevention

With renewal required every three years, which involves thorough inspection, interviews, and microbial testing, HLAC Accreditation goes a long way. 

Hygienically Clean Certification by TRSA

A Hygienically Clean Certification by TRSA indicates that a laundry facility has met requirements set in their standards guide. This includes detailed evidence of procedures in place for:

  • Functional separation of soiled and clean areas
  • Equipment (maintenance and calibration)
  • Pest Control
  • Regular housekeeping/cleaning of
    • Work surfaces 
    • Equipment 
    • Carts
  • Established laundry processes and procedures
  • Established drying procedures 
  • Safe and reliable transportation

Additionally, the Hygienically Clean Certification must also be renewed every three years. Thorough inspection, employee interviews, and microbial testing ensures that TRSA’s high standards are upheld at all times. 


The Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program aims to reduce the environmental effect of the laundry industry. This voluntary pollution prevention program was established in 1997 to address growing concerns over the industry’s pollutive tendencies. Since its establishment, LaundryESP has aided in a:

  • 24% reduction of CO2 emissions
  • 27% reduction in total energy consumption, including:
    • 26% reduction in natural gas
    • 9% reduction in electricity
    • 75% reduction in fuel oil
    • 81% decline in propane
    • 30% in all hydrocarbon (production) fuels
  • 10.9 trillion BTU reduction
  • 33% reduction in gallons of water used

Joining the LaundryESP establishes the facility as a forward-looking entity that cares about its impact on the community and surrounding environment. More than beneficial for those around the facility, a LaundryESP membership also indicates that the facility has a long-term mindset. If you want a reliable medical linen and uniform provider that will stick around to serve your needs, this is a membership to look for. 

Clean Green Certification

Another TRSA creation, the Clean Green Certification “recognizes companies that demonstrate responsible leadership in sustainability and conservation.” Earning this certification means that the facility has made strides towards reuse, renewal, and reclaiming resources used in the laundering process.  

Medico is Your Accredited, Certified, Linen and Uniform Provider

For medical linen that you don’t have to fret over, give Medico a call. Not only do we provide clean and reliable delivery, we also have the accreditations to prove it. Above all, we strive to give our customers the best service possible. To start, or to learn more, give us a call at (800) 464.6334 or ask about a free consultation!