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How Medical Laundry Service Beats At-Home Laundry

There is no life-hack, internet tutorial, or shortcut to make an at-home laundry as effective as professional medical laundry service. Not in volume capacity, results, and certainly not in safety and convenience.

Here’s every reason why medical laundry service beats at-home laundry:

Medical Laundry Service Has Better Equipment

It’s no secret that a professional medical laundry service will have bigger equipment. But are they automatically better? Yes, they are.  Commercial laundries have the volume capacity needed for medical facilities, as well as the protective measure to ensure consistent quality.

To get consistent quality results, industrial laundry facilities employ precision technology. Computerized mechanisms ensure the the right materials and concentrations are there when needed. Moreover, industrial equipment is designed to minimize the need for contact between textiles and handlers. This reduces the risk of contamination at any point in the wash cycles. And that’s something that’s nearly if not completely impossible to achieve with at-home equipment.

Medical Laundry Service Has Safer Handling

Aside from laundering, one of the most important things that professional medical laundry providers do right is the pre and post-wash handling of your linens. Handling plays an essential role in protecting against cross-contamination and securing the cleanliness and safety of laundered items. Professional laundry service processes do exactly that. It keeps the handlers safe and your linens even safer.

With professional medical laundry, your patients don’t have to worry about coming into contact with whatever item your healthcare professionals’ scrubs have come into contact with their home wash or in public transport. Similarly, your staff won’t have to worry about taking home whatever antibiotic-resistant pathogen the hem of their scrub suit grabbed in the elevator or in a patient’s room. It’s safer and more secure for everyone involved when professionals handle medical items before and after laundering.

Laundry Expertise

Professional medical laundry service providers earn that title every day. They are the ones who truly understand textile inside out. They know what medical textiles need to retain their best qualities. Professional laundry, specifically medical laundry, is more complex than just dumping dirty clothes and sheets in the wash with water and detergent. Many little details and concerns need to be addressed to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Professional Focus

Medical laundry professionals do nothing but take care of medical linens and uniforms. The wash is not running while you are also making dinner or trying to get your kids to sleep. Additionally, the task is delegated to someone wholly trained for them. It’s not an accessory duty, but a full-time job. The entire operation works to clean your facility’s linens and uniforms with full, undivided attention.

Medico is Your High-Quality Medical Laundry Service Provider

For consistenly good results, have a true professional handle your medical facility’s linens and uniforms. And the best one in the industry is only one call away! Medico is your complete medical linen service solutions expert providing you everything you need – from high-quality textiles and apparel to some of the most outstanding medical laundry services you can find in the country.

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