Medical laundry benefits medical facilities

How Medical Laundry Service Improves Your Medical Practice

Looking to improve work flow or safety of your medical employees? Have you considered the ways a medical laundry service can improve your practice?

Here are just a few ways a medical laundry service can benefit your medical facility:

The Assurance of Cleanliness

Medical laundry services provide optimal cleanliness for your textiles and garments without the hassle. The right linen service partner handles the washing and transportation, of your medical linens with professional-level care. Additionally, they are guided by industry standards and a deep understanding of what it takes to maintain hygiene in medical linens.

This is especially important for medical personnel apparel like lab coats and scrub suits. Unfortunately, it is common practice for medical facilities to have employees care for their own scrubs and coats. To do so, they must take their contaminated clothing home and wash them in unregulated machines with store-bought detergents. This just isn’t a safe method anymore.

This is not to say that all medical laundry service providers are reliable and clean. For your peace of mind and security, look for signs of reputability. HLAC accreditation or a Hygienically Clean Healthcare badge, for example, are reliable indicators of safe, quality service.

Improve Efficiency and Secure Supplies

If you’ve ever found your practice running low on linen and textile essentials because the laundry didn’t get done on time or having to accommodate extra shifts to get more linens washed because of larger than usual patient volume, you are not alone. Far too many medical practices and facilities have endure laundry-induced interruptions to their operations. These disruptions hamper treatments and overall

This is where a good, reliable medical linen service provider is of value. Imagine the assurance of a clean stack of linens and uniforms, always ready for whenever you need them. You don’t have to lift a finger or do more than sign the delivery receipt or open and close the door on the delivery team’s way out.

The right medical laundry service provider frees your practice from the burdens of linen care and management. That way, you can focus fully on patient care and growing your practice.

Lower Overhead Costs

Medical laundry services, the reliable ones at least, can help lower your linen supply’s overhead costs. It sounds like the last thing in the world you would associate with outsourcing your services but done right, you’re looking at long-term savings.

You save on the cost of hiring employees for your laundry needs, and the cost of a laundry facility, energy, and water consumption. Most importantly, expert professional medical laundry services save you from the cost of replacement and repair. Grab that calculator and do the math – it all boils down to savings!

The Right Medical Laundry Service Partner is Medico

Not all laundry service providers specializing in medical linens are worth your time. Go only for one that has a proven reputation, rich industry experience that spans several decades, and the right certifications to back up their claims. Go with Medico!

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