dangers of wearing scrubs in public

The Dangers of Wearing Scrubs in Public

Scrubs are the tell-tale uniform of the healthcare community. If running errands before or after work, or going to lunch, scrubs are rarely replaced beforehand. Unfortunately, wearing scrubs in public, whether going to or coming from work, is dangerous to the medical worker, the public, and their patients.

Here’s why medical workers should keep scrubs contained to the hospital, clinic, or other medical facility: 

Dangers to the Medical Worker

It’s easy to feel comfortable when it’s time to leave work. When an employee goes through the exit, more of their job is with them than they want to think about. The longer their clothes from work are on their body, the longer they’re exposing themselves to those dangers. All it takes is a touch and a forgetful eye rub to introduce dangerous microbes. 

Dangers to the Medical Worker’s Family

If the scrubs that protected a medical worker all day are coming home with them at night, it’s impossible to leave work at the door. Depending on the kind of environment a medical worker is in, they could be taking home some dangerous guests. Bacteria, harmful microbes, and viruses are all too common, and all too resilient in the fibers of clothing. 

Home laundromats are not equipped with the cleaning agents or temperatures needed to properly clean medical scrubs. Without those means available, those harmful microbes aren’t killed. If sharing a load with other clothing items or towels, there’s a chance those microbes are going to spread. 

Dangers to the Public 

Though it’s unlikely that the public comes into contact with scrubs that are being worn post-shift, it’s not impossible. If a counter is leaned on, a door pushed open with a shoulder, a shirt used to open a bathroom handle – that’s a possible point of transmission. It’s difficult to account for every variable that could arise in public, but the possibilities are certain. 

Dangers to the Patients 

Perhaps the most vulnerable people to scrubs worn outside the medical facility are those inside the facility. When working with sick people, compromised immune systems, wounds, or other injuries, risk of infection is never too far away. If the scrubs that were worn outside, for lunch or to run errands, comes back in, it’s bringing with it every thing it encountered. If somebody in line sneezes or coughs in your direction, whatever is in it could stick to your scrubs. That’s exposure to foreign agents that might cause unnecessary complications. 

How to Keep Scrubs Clean, Safe, and Ready

Work in the medical field is also some of the most dangerous work around. It doesn’t need to be made more dangerous due to unsafe scrub maintenance procedures. To ensure that your medical facility, employees, patients, and the public are protected, institute a uniform program. Through a quality provider like Medico Linen, your medical facility’s uniforms will always be clean and ready. 

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