holiday fatigue

How to Prevent Employee Fatigue During the Holidays

The holidays are a stressful time of year for everybody. There’s travel, family gatherings, big purchases, and food preparation among other obligations. Your hospital, clinic, or medical facility’s employees aren’t immune to these holiday strains. As a result, it’s important to try and prevent employee fatigue during the holidays. 

Provide an Escape from Holiday Fatigue 

Though work has its own stressors, it can also be an escape from the demands of the holiday season. No family can argue obligations with a medical professional who’s due for a shift at the hospital! 

Regardless of the source of your employee’s fatigue, there’s only so much you can do to help. Their place of employment can either generate stress or provide an escape from it. 

Here are some tips to cultivate an escape from the “holicraze”:  

Do Away with Gift Giving

Mandated inter-office gift exchanges are an unnecessary source of stress for most people who have to participate. You can’t stop the holiday enthusiast from giving to who they want, but you don’t have to require everybody do the same. Voluntarily given gifts are far more appreciated and in-line with the holiday spirit anyways. 

The last thing the stressed-out family person needs is more presents to budget and buy for. Making it more difficult is the time that this project requires. Buying a gift, especially for someone you don’t know well, is tricky and thought-involved. 

Encourage Conversation with Patients

Encouraging your employees to engage more deeply with their patients about their holiday stressors, histories, or traditions is beneficial. It will do two things: boost patient morale and lessen the stress of your workers. 

Patients will benefit from knowing that they’re not invisible in your hospital’s system. A daily conversation with an employee beyond their medical treatments or status will infuse spirit where it’s needed. 

Your employees can alleviate holiday stress by talking about them with somebody who might be interested. Having conversations about what they’re going through, even if in passing, will add some positive perspective. 

Prevent Illness

Before the rush, make sure sanitizing stations are full and clean-handling procedures are reviewed. Nothing takes the wind out of an already ragged sail like a bad cold. Not only will sickness be personally detrimental, but it could also present a danger to your patients. 

Ensure Employee Comfort and Safety

High-quality uniforms and materials that protect and comfort can make the difference between a pleasant and stressful shift. Your employees should have properly fitting, water-resistant scrubs, coats, and uniforms for any possible job. The best way to ensure your supply of comfortable, safe uniforms is to rent them from a reliable, service-oriented provider. 

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