Medical Linen Services in Santee

Medical Linen Services Santee, CA

No two days are ever the same in a medical facility. Invest in consistency and dependable support. Increase safety and comfort in your Santee, CA medical linen services only from Medico.

Medico’s reputation for dependability is known all across the greater Los Angeles area where we’ve been in business since 1932. Our services are compliant with the highest standards in the country including OSHA, HLAC, and Hygienically Clean Healthcare.

Medical Linen Rentals and Services

Medico offers a wide range of medical linens and garments as well as cleaning and other facility maintenance products. With Medico, you get dependable quality products and even better maintenance services:

Industries Serviced

Medico provides reliable medical linen and laundry services in Santee, CA for medical and healthcare facilities of all types and sizes:

Restroom Products

Medico helps healthcare facilities achieve complete care with services and products designed to make facility upkeep easier and more effective:

  • Dispensers
  • Toilet Paper Products
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Hand Soaps
  • Air Fresheners

Medical Waste Disposal Services

Medical waste is dangerous and healthcare facilities need the right partner to help in safely disposing of it. We currently offer regulated waste services for each of the following:

  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • RCRA Pharmaceuticals
  • Red Bags & Sharps
  • Chemotherapy
  • Pathological Waste

Medico: The Santee, CA Medical Linen Service Expert

Since we first opened our doors in 1932, the Medico brand has been on an uphill journey towards providing the best and most reliable medical linen solutions. The importance and impact of medical linen services in carrying outpatient care continues to inspire us to give the best service with every delivery.

We also continue to create bigger and better ways to safeguard the quality of our services, covering all of our bases from hygiene and safety to sustainability. This includes a badge from Hygienically Clean, a Clean Green certification, and an HLAC accreditation. Our laundry procedures put a premium on efficiency, speed, and protection against linen losses.

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