Medical Linen Service in Cabazon, CA

Medical Linen Service in Cabazon, CA

In the vast healthcare industry of Cabazon, CA, Medico is the most trusted medical linen service in Cabazon. As an industry leader, we have been providing superior products and customer service for over 90 years. Medico treats every client as family, meeting their unique needs and ensuring they receive the best medical linen services. From large medical facilities to small healthcare practices, we are committed to your success. Our medical linen service provides reliable, high-quality, clean uniforms so that you can focus on your patients!

Why Medico is the Top Choice for Medical Linen Service in Cabazon

With accolades from esteemed organizations like HLAC and Hygienically Clean Healthcare, Medico’s reputation is unmatched. We offer customized solutions for a wide range of medical facilities and work closely with each client to provide the perfect services for their specific needs.

Rentals and Services

Medico provides a superior selection of high-quality linen, durable uniforms, and crucial facility services, such as:

Lab Coats


Healthcare Gowns




Floor Mats


Industries Serviced

Medico’s comprehensive medical linen service in Cabazon caters to a wide range of medical sectors, including:

Surgical Services

Dental Services

Physicians’ Services

Diagnostics Services

Rehabilitation Services

Veterinary Services

Wellness Spa Services

Restroom Products

Restroom cleanliness is critical. Medico offers exceptional products to keep your facility consistently stocked and clean:


Toilet Paper Products

Hand Sanitizers

Hand Soaps

Air Fresheners

Medical Waste Disposal Services

A vital part of our medical linen services in Cabazon includes effective disposal of medical waste, including:

Red Bags & Sharps


Pathological Waste

Pharmaceutical Waste

RCRA Pharmaceuticals

Depend on Medico for Superior Linen Services in Cabazon

For reliable medical linen service in Cabazon, Medico is the top choice. Our TrueTrak system highlights our dedication to timely deliveries. In addition to reliability, our 90-year legacy of impeccable maintenance and high-quality products is unbeatable. Medico is proud to be your healthcare facility’s trustworthy partner in medical linen services.

Reach Out to Medico for Medical Linen Service in Cabazon

For the best medical linen service in Cabazon, reach out to Medico. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you with impeccable customer service. Get in touch with us at 800-464-6334 or via our online form for further details.

Explore Medico’s Plant

Gain insight into our efficient processes by taking a virtual tour of our plant. This tour is an excellent opportunity for those new to the medical linen service sector to see our operations firsthand.