Medical Linen Service in Santa Barbara, CA

Experience the ease and convenience that only a proven, experienced healthcare linen specialist can offer! Experience that and more with the most trusted medical linen service in Santa Barbara, CA: Medico!

Why Medico?

Our medical linen service in Santa Barbara is backed by our long list of professional accreditations, including HLAC and Hygienically Clean-Healthcare, so you can meet your hygiene and safety needs with confidence!   

Rentals and Services

Medico has a wide selection of healthcare linens, apparel, and facility supplies to choose from, including:

Lab Coats


Healthcare Gowns




Floor Mats


Industries Serviced

Our expertise and efficiency in healthcare linen and apparel service suits facilities of all shapes and sizes. We service:


Surgical Services

Dental Services

Physicians’ Services

Diagnostics Services

Rehabilitation Services

Veterinary Services

Wellness Spa Services

Restroom Products

Your healthcare restroom supply needs never end. Stop playing catch-up and get ahead of these demands, with Medico’s most reliable supply service! Our deliveries are on-time, and our product selections are top-notch and wide-ranging, including:


Toilet Paper Products

Hand Sanitizers

Hand Soaps

Air Fresheners

Medical Waste Disposal Services

Get the perfect partner to help with your medical waste disposal needs: Medico. We currently provide disposal services for each of the following products:

Red Bags & Sharps


Pathological Waste

Pharmaceutical Waste

RCRA Pharmaceuticals

Medico Healthcare Linen Service: Linens and More

Your employees’ performance and patients’ experience depend greatly on the quality and cleanliness of your linens and apparel. Make sure to give them the confidence and peace of mind of HLAC– and Hygienically Clean-accredited laundry service from Medico!

More than just our top accreditations, we pride ourselves on our five-step process. This, along with our highly advanced garment tracking technology, TrueTrak, give you the assurance of efficiency, effectivity, protection against cross-contamination, and linen loss.

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