Medical Linen Service in Santa Monica, CA

Eliminate risks and secure your linen and uniform supply with the most dependable medical linen service in Santa Monica: Medico Healthcare Linen Service!

What’s So Special About Medico?

Medico is the undisputed specialist in medical linen service in Santa Monica. Our service comes with the assurance of several healthcare accreditations, guaranteeing the safety and cleanliness of all your essentials.

Rentals and Services

Medico offers the highest quality medical linens and garments for every area of your operations:

Industries Serviced

We service all kinds of healthcare facilities in California, including:

Restroom Products

Medico is also your facility’s partner in keeping up with your restroom supply needs. We offer a complete selection of topnotch paper products, hand hygiene supplies, and odor control solutions:

  • Dispensers
  • Toilet Paper Products
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Hand Soaps
  • Air Fresheners

Who We Are

Medico does not take healthcare linen hygiene lightly. That is why our laundry and handling processes come with the strictest safety protocols to ensure optimum protection against cross-contamination. That is why we’ve invested in the best technologies to ensure the quality of our laundering results. And that is also why we’ve committed to our HLAC and Hygienically Clean Healthcare accreditations, on top of our compliance certificates from state and federal agencies.

Medico Linen is all about quality and safety without a doubt. And that’s exactly what we guarantee with every item, at every delivery. Interested in our process? Take a look at our virtual plant tour!

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Don’t wait any longer. Invest in safety, hygiene, and peace of mind. Entrust your medical linen service in Santa Monica with Medico Linen! Call us at 800.464.6334 or send us a message by filling out this form to speak with a Medico representative or to request a free price quote.