Medical Linen Service in Simi Valley, CA

Transform linen and uniform management with the superior expertise of Medico. We are the number 1 medical linen service in Simi Valley, CA!

Why Medico?

Medico specializes in the supply and care of healthcare linen and apparel. Our services are backed not only by a long tradition of excellence but also by HLAC- and Hygienically Clean-Healthcare accreditations. No matter how big or small a service may be, the best solutions for its needs are right here.      

Rentals and Services

Medico is the best source in Simi Valley for a selection of high-quality linens, apparel, and facility service supplies. We offer:

Lab Coats


Healthcare Gowns




Floor Mats


Industries Serviced

No matter a healthcare facility’s size, Medico offers the best solutions. Our services are suitable for:


Surgical Services

Dental Services

Physicians’ Services

Diagnostics Services

Rehabilitation Services

Veterinary Services

Wellness Spa Services

Restroom Products

Lower the cost and the hassle that comes with managing restroom supply needs with Medico’s Simi Valley restroom supply service! We offer a complete array of restroom products, including:


Toilet Paper Products

Hand Sanitizers

Hand Soaps

Air Fresheners

Medical Waste Disposal Services

Medico takes care of medical waste disposal so our clients don’t have to! We cover:

Red Bags & Sharps


Pathological Waste

Pharmaceutical Waste

RCRA Pharmaceuticals

Medico Healthcare Linen Service: Solutions That Offer Convenience and Satisfaction

There’s no need to bear the burden of linen and apparel supply management needs alone! Let Medico’s team of experts and proven service reliability help meet facility needs with full convenience and confidence.

With Medico, expect not just the assurance of high-quality products but also the peace of mind that can only come from our HLAC– and Hygienically Clean accredited laundry service. Our services are also backed by our highly-advanced TrueTrak garment tracking system. This ensures the accuracy and on-time delivery of linen and apparel essentials.

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